Where to buy Illuvium | Step-by-step Guide

where to buy illuvium

f you want a pretty straightforward answer to where to buy Illuvium coin it would be a major altcoin exchange like Gate.io

However, besides the step-by-step buying guide, I have addressed several important topics you need to know before investing in ILV coin.

Let’s briefly overview these important aspects and then learn how to buy Illuvium.

What is Illuvium (ILV)?

Illuvium is an open-world fantasy game that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

People usually call it the first AAA game of Ethereum.

Through a variety of collecting and trading options, Illuvium hopes to provide a source of amusement for both casual gamers and dedicated DeFi enthusiasts.

How does Illuvium Work?

The realm of Illuvium is home to animals known as Illuvials, which you can capture and bring back to life if you defeat them in battle.

Illuvials become a faithful part of your collection and you can use them in Illuvium’s auto battler gameplay to fight other adventurers.

The game is a fusion between an open-world exploration game and a PVP battle game

Players can spend their time exploring the expanses of the game environment or assembling a strong squad of monsters.

Players battle Illuvials and other players in the Illuvium terrain, taking part in quests and daily challenges and following the game’s common plot.

They collect Illuvials along the way, which have a variety of properties that make them variable in rarity, utility, and desirability.

Here are a few of them:


While its class and affinity are the most essential features, each Illuvial has plenty of other characteristics that contribute to its fighting strength, including attack damage, attack speed, and ferocity.

Illuvials gain strength as they progress through the game may be improved with in-game supplies and can be upgraded into a special “ascended” form that benefits from two affinities at once.

Each Illuvial has its own non-fungible token (NFT), which you can freely trade on external exchange platforms as well as the gas-free IlluviDEX (more on this later).

You can also merge the creatures together to create more powerful forms that are available in standard, holographic, and dark holographic types, both of which are far rarer.

The game will generate revenue from a variety of sources, the majority of which will come through in-game sales of items, crafting materials, cosmetics, and shard curing.

Through an ILV repurchase system, 100% of this revenue is given as rewards to individuals staking the ILV tokens.

What Makes Illuvium unique?

Illuvium, unlike most other blockchain-powered games, has a fully 3D landscape with over 100 unique Illuvials strewn across its many regions.

Each Illuvial is created by a team of world-class artists to appeal to players accustomed to big-budget retail games.

Aside from that, it has a lot of elements that set it apart from other blockchain-enabled games as well as AAA titles.

  • Layer 2 integration – Although Illuvium is secured by Ethereum, it’s built on Immutable X (IMX) — a layer-2 solution that’s designed to assist scale applications with NFT functionality. Illuvium assures that players can mint and trade their NFTs with zero gas fees and near-instant transaction finality by exploiting Immutable X’s capabilities. While using IMX, players are always on top of their assets.
  • The IlluviDEX – Illuvium features a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) platform appropriately named the IlluviDEX. This can be used for trustlessly exchanging Illuvium assets, including Illuvial NFTs. A 5% fee is deducted from each sale and funneled into the rewards pool for ILV stakers.
  • Yield Farming – A total of 3 million ILV — equivalent to 30% of the maximum supply (10 million) — are allocated to the Illuvium yield farming program. These will be distributed over a period of three years to users contributing liquidity and through various partner reward schemes.

Illuvium has a one-of-a-kind yield farming reward system, in which all ILV rewards earned through the yield farm are locked for a year before being withdrawn.

Stakeholders can, however, avoid the unlock timer by changing their ILV awards to sILV, a secondary in-game-only asset.

Users who claim their prizes as sILV receive the USD equivalent of sILV and can utilize their rewards to buy in-game items sooner.

Keep in mind that you can not withdraw sILV from the game.

Team Behind Illuvium

team behind Illuvium

The team behind Illuvium has been developing the game since 2020.

Illuvium’s team consists of more than 40 individuals worldwide, including the co-founders.

Serial entrepreneur and early cryptocurrency adopter Kieran Warwick, and experienced game designer Aaron Warwick, who are brothers (They are also the brothers of Kain Warwick, the co-founder of the DeFi platform Synthetix).

Illuvium Price Prediction

The Ilv coin is one of the sleepers that hasn’t fully unveiled its potential yet. 

We should understand that it’s not one of the basic coins and is one of a kind, unique.

At the time of writing this article, the market cap of Illuvium is $313,954,086.

According to CoinMarketCap, the ILV coin ranks in 241st place, and the price of a single coin is $494.

That number is quite small considering the fact that it can easily reach higher ranks when the developers finally release the game of Illuvium.

Buy the rumor, sell the news.

As the community grows, the price will start to grow dramatically.

In my opinion, talking about a price of more than $700/coin in the near future is quite realistic due to its growing popularity and exceptionally. 

This gives investors one more solid reason to buy Illuvium coin

Illuvium vs Axis Infinity

Illuvium vs Axie infinity

Although both Illuvium and Axie Infinity have collectible in-game characters that you can battle, exchange, and enhance, the extent of the game world in which these critters roam differs slightly.

On the one hand, Illuvium is a 3D role-playing game with a slowly developed storyline and a huge, open, explorable terrain.

Whereas Axie Infinity is a popular, quirky 2D game with charming monsters called Axies that are similar to Pokemon.

You can breed, fight or trade Axies.

There is currently no story mode to speak about.

Both Illuvium and Axie Infinity include a strong gamified DeFi element, which means real Ether (ETH) can be at stake while playing either — since some Illuvials and Axies can be sold for a lot of money on the open market.

Unlike Axie Infinity, which creates each Axie from a random collection of assets, Illuvium’s Illuvials are one-of-a-kind.

Each one has unique artwork and rigging to ensure that they stand out and are representative of their properties and location.

Where to buy Illuvium

Unfortunately, most platforms don’t have Illuvium available for purchase yet.

However, It’s likely that most of them will add once its popularity grows.


where to buy Illuvium

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that began in China before relocating to the crypto-friendly island of Malta in the European Union. 

It burst onto the scene during the 2017 crypto boom It is well-known for its cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange services. 

Illuvium is available on Binance from the 4th of October 2021. 

This means that you can buy Illuvium on one of the most trusted and popular exchange. 

This goes to everyone besides US investors, if you are from the US and want to buy illuvium we propose that you sign up for the other perfect alternative listed below.

Number 1 option to buy Illuvium coin

Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States that first opened its doors in 2017.

Because the exchange is based in the United States, US investors are welcome to trade here, and we encourage US traders to do so.

Both English and Chinese versions of the exchange are accessible (the latter being very helpful for Chinese investors).

Gate.io’s key selling point is its large number of trading pairs.

You can find the majority of new cryptocurrencies on this exchange.

Step 1: Register on GATE.IO

illuvium on Gate.io

First, you need to sign up for the exchange.

Creating an account means providing your information to Gate.io and confirming your identity. 

STEP 2 : Verifying your identity

gate.io verification

STEP 3 : Add the payment method

After verifying your account you should add a payment method.

On Gate.io you can either buy coins with a credit card or bank transfer.

You will pay higher fees when using a credit/debit card, however, the purchase will be instant.

While a bank transfer will be cheaper but slower, depending on the country of your residence.

gate.io payment  methods

STEP 4 : Buy Illuvium coin on market

After depositing USDT go on the market and find an ILV/USDT pair and choose one.

Your screen should look like  this:

where to buy illuvium

Go on and type in the amount you want to buy and you’re all set. You are now the owner of a certain amount of ILV coins. 

How to store ILV coin

An encrypted hardware wallet, such as those made by Ledger or Trezor, is one of the safest places to store Illuvium (ILV) coins.

Hardware wallets offer advanced encryption techniques to protect your assets from sophisticated network attacks and even simple phishing schemes that customers with funds in a software or website wallet might face.

In case your hardware wallet is stolen, broken, or otherwise compromised, you can reclaim funds using a recovery seed phrase.

The Ledger Nano X and Trezor T are the best all-around performers in terms of features for the price.

Both hardware wallets can store Illuvium (ILV) and keep it secure and offline.

If you want to purchase a hardware wallet read our ultimate hardware wallet guide first before taking any action.

Final words

Finally, if you want to stay on top of your game, you must begin to look at fresh developments from a different perspective.

All cryptocurrency enthusiasts start to recognize that NFT is profitable, pleasant, and enjoyable, innovation to be involved in!

Illuvium is one of those investments that will make your portfolio stand out and give you some fun time on the side.

If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends to teach them how to buy illuvium and add the coin to their crypto holdings.

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